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The SD=HS program is built and executed by a wide range of partner organizations. Together we work towards a global food system that is just and sustainable.

Coordinated by Oxfam Novib, SD=HS is a joint effort of the world’s leading civil society organizations in the field of plant genetic resources management. We enter into partnerships and invest in alliances with likeminded NGOs, government institutions, academic bodies and national and international breeding and research institutes. And we bring together expertise in farmer-breeding, nutrition and local food plants, quality seed development, policies and legislation, local enterprise development and public-private partnerships.

Together, we support indigenous people and smallholder farmers – men, women and youth – for them to utilize their Farmers’ Rights and to have the capacity to access, develop and use plant genetic resources to improve their food and nutrition security under conditions of climate change.

Financial support

We are grateful for the long-term financial support from our institutional partners for SD=HS and its predecessors. This allows us to effectively work towards a global food system that is just and sustainable and to supports the rights of smallholder farmers.

Institutional partners

We highly value the partnerships with so many organizations that support us – both financially and in implementing the program in the eight countries we work in. These organizations include:

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