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Sonia Quispe’s Statement for CoP23

Sonia Quispe Ttito, an indigenous woman and smallholder farmer from the community of Choquecancha made this statement at the 23rd Conference of Parties in Bonn (2017). The statement was originally in Quechua, but is translated to English.

‘My name is Sonia Quispe Ttito, I come from the community of Choquecancha, in the district of Lares, in the Región of Cusco, Peru. (…) Most of us in the communities rely on farming to sustain our livelihoods, thus, the women have a very important role in agriculture and in the food and nutrition security of our households and communities. All the varieties of cultivars we have are under our responsibility, making us the guardians of seeds. We also care for our wild species and ensure that these species, that are the fruits of Mother Earth, are preserved, used carefully and in a sustainable way.’

In her statement, Sonia shares experiences of her community, including the threats they, especially the women, are facing.

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Sonia Quispe’s Statement for CoP23
Sonia Quispe’s Statement for CoP23
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