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  • E: Programs Manager CTDT-Zambia

  • Agrobiodiversity Officer E: In the SDHS program, Emile helps to create and improve learning tools on participatory plant breeding and farmer seed enterprises, as well as helping to streamline the program’s MEAL systems. He has previously worked on food security programs in Uganda and Tanzania, mainly on improving learning by rural communities on agroecological […]

  • Project Officer E: Juliana works as a Project Officer, coordinating the administrative and logistical aspects of the SD=HS project. She holds an MA in Global Criminology from Utrecht University and has worked in program management for different NGOs in the Hague.

  • Agrobiodiversity Officer E: Konstantina’s role is to provide technical advice and support on SD=HS activities related to Local food plants for nutrition. In the past she has been engaged in progra​ms focusing on food system adaptations to poverty, gender inequality, and poor nutrition. She has an MSc in Nutrition and Health from Wageningen University, […]

  • Policy Lead Food and Land E: Nout van der Vaart is Oxfam Novib’s Policy Lead Food and Land. Within the broader organization, he works on engaging stakeholders like government officials, (Dutch) MPs and media in policy issues related to food security and sustainable and inclusive agricultural development. Within the SD=HS program, he works to […]

  • Communication Lead E: Catalina is the Communication Lead, managing our different channels and coordinating content creation among the team, our partners and allies. Previously she worked in different NGO’s on coalition building for sustainable value chains, access to finance and climate resilience. She has a MSc in International Development from the University of Amsterdam.

  • E: FSN representative

  • E: CCAP representative, Senior Research Fellow

  • E: Oxfam Country Office and SD=HS representative, Guatemala

  • E: Representative, ASOCUCH

  • E: Representative, Oxfam Zimbabwe

  • E: CTDT Representative

  • E: Agriculture Programme Manager, Oxfam

  • E: Director, CTDT

  • E: Food Justice Project Officer at Oxfam Peru

  • E: FOVIDA representative

  • E: Oxfam Nepal representative. Thematic leader, Resilience and Climate Justice

  • Team Representative E: LI-BIRD representative

  • Roving Technical Officer E: Hilton Mbozi is a Roving Technical Officer in the SD=HS programme. His role is to support Participatory Plant Breeding and Local Food Plants Farmer Field Schools work in the 3 African countries (Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe). He has over 15 years experience in the field of farmer training and farmer-led research. […]

  • Project Officer E: Stephanie works as Project Officer, managing the partner-related aspects of the SD=HS administration. After studying sociology, she worked for NGO’s in different positions, mainly as activism coordinator. She’s the contact person for all partner organizations and for the Oxfam offices in the different countries.

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