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Incubating Leadership through Farmer’s Field School

Aakash Koirala, Niranjan Pudasaini and Sahadev KC from LI-BIRD

The Sowing Diversity=Harvesting Security project envisions empowering women and young people as a crucial aspect of effectively managing and using plant genetic resources for food and nutrition security. The project builds farmers’ capacity for participatory agrobiodiversity management and plant breeding through the Farmer’s Field School (FFS) methodology.

Gender equality and social inclusion are at the core of many FFS interactions. FFS members are sensitized and capacitated to identify, discuss, and resolve gender-related issues prevailing in their lives. FFS members are trained, encouraged, and provided opportunities to raise their voices, perform as local leaders, and deliver social justice within their group and community. In a recent local election in Nepal, 5 FFS members (4 women) secured leadership positions as elected personnel. These elected members believed that the FFS helped them improve their leadership and interpersonal skills, which enabled them to be elected. This result sets an example of women’s and youth empowerment within the project. These leaders made a commitment to promote sustainable management of agro-biodiversity at the local level. The project team is certain that they will be a catalyst for change. Have a look at their stories.

Incubating Leadership through Farmer’s Field School
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