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Now available: Report on Workshop “Registration of Farmers’ Varieties”

The registration of farmers’ varieties in national and regional seed catalogues – as objects of seed regulation – has been the subject of considerable debate in recent years, at local, national and international levels. Farmers have contributed immensely to the development, management and conservation of a wide range of crop varieties, but national seed regulations generally only focus on crop varieties that are the products of so-called ‘formal sector’ plant breeding.

In addressing these challenges, an international workshop on registration of farmers’ varieties was held in Entebbe, Uganda (4-7 December, 2018). During the workshop, the participants were able to share global experiences from countries where farmers’ varieties and evolutionary populations have been registered and have an active supportive legal system. After reflecting on experiences from a range of countries and regions around the world, the participants narrowed their collective focus to the situation in Uganda, and Ugandan seed policies and laws in particular.

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Citation: Recha, T.; Muwanika, C.; Otieno, G.; De Jonge, B. (2019) Report of the International Workshop on Registration of Farmers’ Varieties, 4-7 December 2018, Entebbe, Uganda. Rome (Italy) Bioversity International/Oxfam Novib. 30 p. ISBN: 978-92-9255-123-0

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