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  • SD=HS has reached an important milestone: we are halfway through the programme’s current phase. This demands a moment of reflection looking back on the last two years, to plan intentionally for 2022 and 2023. Our mid-term review (MTR) is the result of a participatory process. It is based on 342 stories straight from the field […]

  • On the 2nd of December, Oxfam Novib held the concluding workshop in a series of three on ‘Innovating plant breeding: Bringing farmers to the table’. Researchers, policy makers, farmers and funders discussed how increasing the involvement of farmers in crop development and seed diffusion can contribute to sustained global food and nutrition security. Participants presented […]

  • We began this series of workshops seeking to identify coalitions to strengthen farmers’ engagement in crop variety and seed system development and innovation (see summaries of workshop 1 and workshop 2). The development of either a new proposal or creating explicit and strong links between complementary programs were the intended final outputs. “Let’s get on […]

  • Building the capacity of smallholder farmers to produce quality seeds for the market takes long term investment and support. This support starts with a strong core team of technical experts to support seed producing farmer groups. From 26 to 28 October SD=HS organized two hour online trainings on seed value chains and seed markets for […]

  • Oxfam Novib – the SD=HS program has decided to retract as a speaker to the Global Conference on Green Development of Seed Industries, organized by FAO on November 4-5. Only in a late stage it has become known to us that the process that led up to the creation of the agenda of this conference […]

  • Recently the CGIAR’s Crops to End Hunger initiative released a White Paper on Economically Sustainable Seed Systems (available here). Several participants who joined the Global Crop Workshop asked Oxfam Novib to share its views. The paper, commissioned by AGRA and the Syngenta Foundation is intended to guide future CGIAR investments in seed delivery, but fails […]

  • On Tuesday, July 27, the SD=HS program co-organized the digital session ‘Seed is Power, reclaiming African seed and food sovereignty’, which was part of the People’s Mobilization to Transform Corporate Food Systems, a CSO-organized event that took place in parallel to the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit (FSS). Oxfam Novib and ZAAB were amongst the organizing […]

  • We are happy to share that a new Seeds project has started in Uganda, funded by Books 4 Life. Books 4 Life is a Dutch non-profit organization that manages a chain of second-hand bookshops in different cities in The Netherlands. The organization donates almost all of their sales proceeds to charities, including Oxfam Novib. In […]

  • “You ask if we have enough time for plant breeding training? When you look at the crop and the farmer, this is the work we do. Anything related to learning about the crop, about the garden… farmers always have the time for it. It’s like when you work in an office, and you always have […]

  • Our 2021 Mid Term Review aims to determine the extent to which the different activities have contributed towards the overall objectives and outcomes, and the lessons we can draw. This is to help all stakeholders have the necessary information to take timely and informed decisions in the near future. The Terms of Reference for this […]

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