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SD=HS participates in the International Treaty’s annual session

The 9th session of the Governing Body (GB 9) of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) will be held in New Delhi, India from 19th to 24th September 2022. Funded by Sida, the SD=HS (Sowing Diversity = Harvesting Security) program executed by Oxfam Novib and country partners contributes to the implementation of the Funding Strategy of the Treaty. 

This year, Oxfam Novib and its partners will co-host two side events that show exemplary cases of how the Treaty is implemented at the local level. On Tuesday, September 20th, Oxfam Novib with CTDT Zambia will co-host the side event titled “Towards a More Inclusive Seed System Based on Participatory Plant Breeding to Implement Farmers’ Rights: A Zambian Perspective”. The second side event will be co-hosted by Oxfam Novib, LI-BIRD and the Alliance Bioversity – CIAT focusing on “Achievements in Farmers’ Variety Registration in Support of Treaty Implementation in Nepal”. It will be held on Wednesday, September 21st

We hope to see our partners and other collaborators as well as the Treaty’s policy makers at these events for an enriching exchange of policies and practices that support farmers and local organizations in the implementation of the Treaty and in reaching food and nutrition security under conditions of climate change. 

Find more details on both SD=HS side events below, and an overview of the GB9 agenda.

Towards a more inclusive seed system based on participatory plant breeding to implement Farmers Rights: A Zambian perspective
Tuesday 20th September
Key Speakers:
Juliet Nangamba, Programs Manager Community Technology Development Trust
Lloyd Mbulwe, Ph.D, Principal Agriculture Research Officer Sorghum and Millets Improvement Program, Zambia Agriculture Research Institute, Golden Valley Research Trust
Bavis Mushimbwe, Farmer and Farmers’ Rights Advocate
Richard Chanda, PhD, Principal Seeds Officer Seed Control and Certification Institute, Ministry of Agriculture
Achievement in Farmers variety registration in support of Treaty Implementation in Nepal
Wednesday 21st September
Key Speakers:
– Ms Carina Knorpp, Ministry for Enterprise and Innovation, Sweden (tbc)
– Ms Sabnam Shivakoti, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Development
– Mr Benu Prasad Prasai, Chief, Seed Quality and Control Center cum Member-Secretary, National Seed Board
– Dr Ram Krishna Shrestha, Chief, Center for Crop Development and Agrobiodiversity Conservation, Department of Agriculture
– Dr Santosh Shrestha, Senior Programme Manager, LI-BIRD
– Mr Pradeep Thapa or Dr Bal Krishna Joshi, Breeder, National Genebank
– Ms Parbati Bhandari, Farmer and Community Seed Bank Association
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