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Bram de Jonge

Seed Policy Advisor

Dr. Bram De Jonge is the Seed Policy Advisor at Oxfam, the Netherlands. In the context of the SD=HS program, De Jonge’s work aims to support the development and implementation of an enabling policy environment for farmers’ seed systems and the implementation of Farmers’ Rights, at global, national and local levels.

Next to his role at Oxfam, De Jonge is a part-time researcher & lecturer at the Law Group of Wageningen University, specialized in the fields of Intellectual Property Rights, Access and Benefit-Sharing, and seed legislation. He received his PhD from Wageningen University and 2 master degrees in the field of Culture & Science Studies and Environmental Philosophy from Maastricht University (NL) and Lancaster University (UK) respectively. De Jonge is a member of the CGIAR System Council Intellectual Property Group (SC IP Group).

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