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  • New Book One hundred local food plants for improving nutrition is the title of the new book published by Oxfam, written by Gisella Cruz-Garcia, Konstantina Maria Togka, Hilton Mbozi and Bert Visser. This book will become the best friend for those who are keen to improve their nutrition, and help others to do that, with […]

  • The recipe book shows the preparation of Neglected and Underutilised Species By Andrew Adem, Programs Manager ESAFF Uganda Despite the efforts of the government and other stakeholders to tackle these issues, hunger and malnutrition remain serious problems in Uganda. With the rising rates of hunger and malnutrition as a result of food insecurity, its effects […]

  • En el Valle de Lares, ubicado en los Andes Peruanos, mujeres y hombres campesinos conviven con una diversidad de alimentos cultivados, semi-cultivados y silvestres presentes en las diferentes altitudes del territorio. Esta agrobiodiversidad está estrechamente vinculada con los conocimientos y las prácticas tradicionales de sus habitantes, permitiéndoles contribuir a la conservación de su patrimonio biocultural. […]

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