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Newsletter | December 2021

Newsletter #5

December 2021

The SD=HS team wishes you a prosperous 2022, with even more collaboration, new partnerships and many impactful exchanges.

Global Crop Workshop Series

On the 2nd of December, Oxfam Novib held the concluding workshop in a series of three on “Innovating plant breeding: Bringing farmers to the table”. Researchers, policy makers, farmers and funders discussed how increasing the involvement of farmers in crop development and seed diffusion can contribute to sustained global food and nutrition security. Read more on our website post

SD=HS Mid Term Review

SD=HS has reached an important milestone: we are now more than halfway through the programme’s current phase. This demanded a moment of reflection looking back on the last two years, to plan intentionally for 2022 and 2023. The MTR was the result of a participatory process to determine the extent to which SD=HS activities are contributing towards the programme’s overall objectives. Read more on our website post.

Other News

Blog: Visual highlights
While the report above presents a comprehensive review of our work, we wish to share highlights based on stories collected from the field. The midterm review in a few visuals and stories is available here.
Blog: Gender Journey Workshops
In Nepal, women make up 75% of the participants in certain FFSs. And yet, we do not know how meaningful their participation really isRajendra Dhakal’s blog takes us through two Gender Journey Workshops in Nepal to answer this question.

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