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Day 2

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  • “You ask if we have enough time for plant breeding training? When you look at the crop and the farmer, this is the work we do. Anything related to learning about the crop, about the garden… farmers always have the time for it. It’s like when you work in an office, and you always have […]

  • Our 2021 Mid Term Review aims to determine the extent to which the different activities have contributed towards the overall objectives and outcomes, and the lessons we can draw. This is to help all stakeholders have the necessary information to take timely and informed decisions in the near future. The Terms of Reference for this […]

  • Plants and animals derived from conventional breeding are no longer patentable. This was the verdict published by the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) in May 2020. A new report of Oxfam’s partner No Patents on Seeds! shows, however, that such patents are still being applied for due to the legal […]

  • Faced with the dual threat of climate change and biodiversity loss, crop improvement programs are straining to contribute to sustained global food and nutrition security. Innovation is needed to increase their efficiency, reducing the time required to develop crop varieties and improve their adoption and dissemination by farmers. Participatory plant breeding (PPB), the active participation […]

  • Sesenta líderes y lideresas campesinas fortalecen sus capacidades de incidencia política en la Escuela “Promoviendo el Sistema Tradicional de Producción de Semillas en el Perú”, iniciativa organizada por FOVIDA con el apoyo de Oxfam, que se realiza desde el 01 al 29 de diciembre, con la finalidad de promover el sistema tradicional de producción de semillas […]

  • SD=HS joined today the launch of the Access to Seeds Index Regional Landscaping Reports for Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) and Western and Central Africa (WCA), during the 7th Session of Africa Regional for Sustainable Development of the UN Economic Commission for Africa. The reports provide the benchmark for the 2021 Access to Seeds Index. […]

  • Publication of the new designed version of the online course on farmer field schools on nutrition and local food plants This online course is the response of the SD=HS team to the restrictions that COVID-19 imposed for travel and group meetings. It guides master trainers in countries to conduct training for facilitators and supports them […]

  • Today, SD=HS started working together with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to investigate the organisational, legal and economic aspects of seed production and marketing by smallholder farmers across countries and systems The purpose of this collaboration agreement is to compare the achievements of the seed clubs in the Mekong Delta with those of farmers producing under […]

  • Representing SD=HS, Susan Bragdon joined today the Global Landscapes Forum annual conference entitled “One World, One Health.” She was part of a side event organized by the Crop Trust: “Harnessing the Power of Nature:  Building Resilient Food Systems through Greater Agrobiodiversity”. All panel members focused on the importance of agrobiodiversity for a food and nutrition […]

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