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  • Tsungai Bwerazuva Champion Farmers Seeds Cooperative Company is a farmer-led enterprise that produces and sells high quality and certified seed of highly-adaptable, high-yielding and drought tolerant varieties of sorghum, groundnuts, maize (hybrid and open pollinated), sugar bean, cowpea and pearl millet – all of which are very important for the food and income security of […]

  • Today, SD=HS started working together with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to investigate the organisational, legal and economic aspects of seed production and marketing by smallholder farmers across countries and systems The purpose of this collaboration agreement is to compare the achievements of the seed clubs in the Mekong Delta with those of farmers producing under […]

  • The CMSS model is a participatory farmer-led approach for systematically planning and executing interventions towards promoting farmers’ seed security and seed sovereignty. The model consolidates the existing good seed security practices scattered across the PELUM Uganda network into a comprehensive approach for promoting community led seed security among smallholder farmers. It is hoped that after […]

  • This discussion paper presents the lessons learned in establishing a Farmer Seed Enterprise, the Champion Farmer Seeds Cooperative in Zimbabwe. The involved practitioners reflect on the assumptions made at the start of the program, and how the experience can guide further development of different models of Farmer Seed Enterprises. This paper is based on both […]

  • NB: A summary of this case study report was included in the UN report on ‘The State of the World’s Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture’. Read more Indigenous peoples and smallholder farmers, a large percentage of whom are women, provide about eighty percent of the food consumed in almost all of the developing world, contributing […]

  • This report of an expert meeting explains the need to scale up the program by integrating farmers’ seeds into the market. It describes the possibilities, advantages and risks of farmer seed enterprise. Seeds are fundamental for food security and are instrumental in generating wealth for rural economies. World-wide, most of smallholder farmers use their own […]

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