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  • Sowing Diversity=Harvesting Security newsletter Campaign URL Copy Twitter 0 tweets Subscribe Past Issues RSS Translate English العربية Afrikaans беларуская мова български català 中文(简体) 中文(繁體) Hrvatski Česky Dansk eesti keel Nederlands Suomi Français Deutsch Ελληνική हिन्दी Magyar Gaeilge Indonesia íslenska Italiano 日本語 ភាសាខ្មែរ 한국어 македонски јазик بهاس ملايو Malti Norsk Polski Português Português – Portugal Română Русский Español Kiswahili Svenska […]

  • By Dzikamai Zingwe, Field Officer at Champion Seeds A team of Seed Production and Marketing Farmer Field School facilitators visited various potential seed buyers as part of market research survey. This took place in the frame of the Training of Trainers for Seed Production and Marketing (SPM), as it helps participants plan for a SPM […]

  • By Bernard Muradya Oxfam Southern Africa MEAL Officer Yield improvement The Seed Production and Marketing component of the SD=HS project in Zimbabwe employed the Farmer Field School model in proving technical capacity to seed growers in the four targeted districts. During the 2021-2022 farming season, a total of 15 Farmer Field Schools (FFSs) adopted seed […]

  • By Patrick Kasasa, SD=HS program manager CTDT Zimbabwe The SDHS project in Zimbabwe has made great strides in improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers through strengthening the role of smallholder farmer in the utilization of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. This was achieved against the backdrop of political and economic turmoil that the […]

  • Participatory variety selection of cleome: integrating nutrition, local food plants and participatory plant breeding in farmer field schools Pardon Sithole, Pillar 3 lead and Manata Jeko, Pillar 1 lead at CTDT Zimbabwe People in Zimbabwe, like in any other country in Africa, are affected by malnutrition. Poor diets, socio-economic conditions and disease are to blame. […]

  • Translated by Obey Mugwira, and Manata Jeko, Field Officer CTDT Zimbabwe My name is Muzamani Lihinga. I am a 63 year old smallholder farmer from Maihwa village ward 6 of Chilonga in Chiredzi district to the South East of Zimbabwe. I am a member and facilitator of Hlubuko Farmer Field School (FFS). Effects of climate […]

  • Ronnie Vernooy, Jai Rana, Gloria Otieno, Hilton Mbozi and Pitambar Shrestha Abstract: Smallholder farmers around the world obtain their seed from various sources, which can vary over time. In some countries, smallholder farmers are gaining ground as local seed producers and sellers. This study focuses on the seed production and marketing operations, achievements, and challenges of […]

  • Early this February, the working group on participatory plant breeding established under the Global Alliance for the Future of Food (GAFF) recommended five projects for a first round of funding. We are excited to hear that three of the awardees are partner organisations in the SD=HS programme: Farmers’ Seed Network in China, Community Technology and […]

  • Two years into its second phase, the SD=HS programme is undergoing a mid-term evaluation. While the final report presents a comprehensive overview of our work and of the results seen, we wish to share a few highlights based on stories collected by partners and evaluators. The mid-term evaluation review assessed the extent to which activities […]

  • Tsungai Bwerazuva Champion Farmers Seeds Cooperative Company is a farmer-led enterprise that produces and sells high quality and certified seed of highly-adaptable, high-yielding and drought tolerant varieties of sorghum, groundnuts, maize (hybrid and open pollinated), sugar bean, cowpea and pearl millet – all of which are very important for the food and income security of […]

  • Phase 1 of the “Sowing diversity = Harvesting Security” (SD=HS) Programme, funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Dutch National Postcode Lottery (NPL), was implemented between 2014 and 2018. Its objectives were to uphold, strengthen and mainstream the rights and technical capacities of indigenous peoples and smallholder farmers, and to influence […]

  • This joint agency briefing note from CTDT and Oxfam describes how farmer seed systems can provide seed security. Zimbabwean smallholder farmers consider seed security to be an issue of national security. For them, access to the right seeds, at the right time, and for the right price, is critical to be able to produce enough food to eat […]

  • National seed laws are important for the functioning of farmers’ seeds systems. This study was conducted under the IFAD-Oxfam program: “Putting Lessons into Practice: Scaling up Peoples Biodiversity Management for Food Security.

  • This paper has been submitted to the 6th Session of the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGRFA), as a joint submission by Oxfam, the Netherlands; Asociación ANDES, Peru; CTDT, Zimbabwe; SEARICE, Vietnam and CGN-WUR, the Netherlands. It has been published on the website of the International Treaty. […]

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